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Además de las familias de productos resignadas en los distintos apartados, SISA produce y comercializa otros productos, para satisfacer las exigencias de sus clientes. Entre los productos especiales, aquí unos ejemplos. [Temporalmente, texto sólo en Inglés].

Gas Flux System

The Gas Flux System (from now on, GFS) is a “special process” for brazing that enables the user to complete a work in an efficient and cost saving manner. The gfs process introduces flux automatically into the flame for bronze and silver brazing. Introduced into the fuel gas in a vapor form, the gasfluxer applies the required fluxing action by means of the flame. The flame application results in a superior wetting action which allows to the alloys to flow evenly and smoothly, producing joint of optimum strength and outstanding appearance while minimizing post-brazing cleaning up. The result is increased productivity at a reduced cost.

Bronze Brazing: the gas flux is a superior flux for brazing with copper-zinc brazing alloys. The elimination of flux coated rod or powdered flux for dipping bare rod can represent considerable cost savings in both the filler metal required and the labor for post brazing clean-up.

Copper and Silver Brazing: the gas flux works very well with copper – phos base alloys with and without silver (0,4 to 18%) as provide an extra protective shroud around the area to be joined which will prevent the formation of unwanted oxides, The additional wetting action, assures high quality joints with less alloy required along with reduction of leaks, particularly in air conditioning and refrigeration assemblies.

Automatic Brazing application: Flame fluxing with gas flux can be easily adapted to a wide variety of automatic brazing equipment, from oxy–acetylene mixtures to natural gas and oxygen or natural gas and air mixtures.

Application in the fields:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Filters
  • Metal Household Furniture
  • Metal Office Furniture
  • Plumbing Brass Goods - Valves

Transport Consideration

Due to the nature of the liquids, that are inflammable, they will need an omologated ADR transport truck.


The types would depend on the application, but mainly on the Flux concentration
Most common for Metallic fumishings, Refrigeration , Air conditioning and Boilers.

  • Ref M1S - Medium concentration: mainly for CuP Brazing
  • Ref M2S - Medium/High: for CuP-CuPAg- Brass
  • Ref M3S - High: Brass (mainly with Nickel)


All are Omologated tanks.

Plastic: 5 lt, 10 lt, 20 lt. Metallic: 25 lt, with option to 190 lt tanks

Flow regulator

Flow regulatorThis flow regulator has been designed to bring deoxidant during torch brazing, and it is composed by:

  • Liquid flux tank
  • Group of regulation valves
  • Safety valve

The flow regulator can not be used in environment with explosive atmosphere.

Descargue el manual en formato PDF (294k).

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