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About DDBS

DDBS is ajoint venture company of Jiangsu DDBS (the pioneer andone of the most technological advanced soil/groundwater remediation companiesin Asia, based in Nanjing, China) and Veolia (one of the oldest andbiggest environmental service companies in the world, based in Paris, France).

DDBS is a consulting and engineering firm thatworks with private and public sector clients to address complex problemsinvolving our environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure.

DDBS has more than a decade of experiencessolving many complex environmental challenges of numerous types of media,including soils, sediments, water, and solid waste.

With innovative technologies and solutions,DDBS uses a comprehensive approach to provide its public and private sectorclients with a wide array of environmental services:

•       site investigation/risk assessment,

•       contaminated soil/groundwater remediation

•       contaminated sediments dredging, treatment,and disposal

•       wastewater (municipal and industry) treatment

•       solid waste/hazardous solid waste management

•       installation, operation, and maintenance ofremedial systems

Basedon the concentration of the petroleum production and petro-chemical processingindustries, weatherconditions,landscape, and rapid economic development of the Middle East region, we are anticipating rising demands for theseparticular environmental services - withthe results DDBS can provide:


•       petroleum-contaminated soil (oil field)remediation - to improve treatment results and reduce energy consumption

•       oil terminal/oil farm/oil depotsludge/sediment treatment - to improve treatment results and reduceenergy consumption

•       Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (MSWLF) - toachieve great economic efficiency with optionalgreen energy generation capability

•       wastewater (municipal and industry) treatment - togreatly reduce waste and improve economic efficiency

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