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Aleaciones para soldaduras industrialesMore than 1,500 references actually in SISA's stocks are based on alloys of different composition [Silver alloys -with Cadmium or Cadmium-free, flux coated alloys, Copper-Phosphorus alloys with or without Silver, Brass alloys, special alloys and the most suitable fluxes] in different formats:

  • bare rods
  • flux-coated rods
  • coils
  • spools
  • rings
  • preforms
  • foils
  • powders
  • pastes

ranging from 0.2 mm in diamater to more than 20 mm., to adapt to each client's special needs.

Available formats.

SISA alloys and fluxes produce

strong joints at low temperatures
joint cost reductions, reducing filler metal, time and energy
increased productivity
neat, sound joints

Our Analytical Laboratory will supply the Certificate of Conformity (C.O.C.), and the Lot/Batch Analysis Certificates to guarantee and assure the tolerances of the components and the quality of our alloys.

All our alloys are produced in conformity with the best known International Norms, as the European EN 1044, or the American Welding Society AWS A5-8, or the German DIN 8513, or the British Standard BS 1845, or the French AFNOR A81-361/362, or the ISO 3677 (International Standard Organization).

Due to its size, its geographical situation and its specialization, SISA is a company capable of providing its clients, wherever they are in the world, with any kind and quantity of brazing alloy, in any format and presentation, in the shortest time.

Download our catalog in PDF [871kb]. For any additional question, count on us and please do not hesitate to contact us.

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