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Sisa. Almost a half century experience

Sisa - Brazing the WorldSince 1968 SISA have been manufacturing brazing alloys, low temperature silver solders and fluxes.

These materials are widely used in industries such as refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating, electric motors, automobile components and many others where high quality joints between dissimilar metals are required.

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Over the years, SISA has kept pace with the demands for a healthier working environment and economical brazing practice by expanding its range of products.

Sisa - Logo PiniUnlike many other companies SISA manufactures only brazing materials. This specialization leads to a total commitment to the brazing process.

Besides the Barcelona headquarters, SISA is present in Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia and Zaragoza, in order to guarantee the most effective national and worldwide distribution of its products and services. SISA is actually exporting to 36 countries. The quality of its products and services arecertified by international certificates.

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