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¿What is brazing?

Brazing alloys - Brazing processBrazing is the process of joining two materials by heating them to a suitable temperature, using a filler metal having a melting point lower than that of either parent metals, which do not participate by melting to the constitution of the joint.

In the process of brazing the melting temperature of the filler metal is above 450° C, usually between 600° and 800° C.

We talk of soldering when joining two metals with a filler whose melting temperature is below 450° C, and usually situated between 200° and 400° C.

Whenever one needs to join similar or dissimilar metals, they should be brazed or soldered in order to:

  • create a permanent and highly resistant bond
  • simplify the machining operation by introducing assembly of simple items
  • adopt flexible manufacturing techniques always compatible with mass production requirements.

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