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Veolia Group and DDBS meet with leaders of Nanjing Liuhe district

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On the morningof September 25th, leaders of Nanjing Liuhe district committee and governmentincluding Secretary Li Wanping, Acting District Mayor Zhou Yong and DeputyDistrict Mayor Li Bei, met with the Senior Executive Director of Veolia GroupAsia, Mr. Luc ZELLER at the Liuhe Building, Ms. Xie Jing, Vice President ofVeolia China, and Gu Xiaoping, General Manager of DDBS EnvironmentalRehabilitation Co., Ltd. District Commerce Bureau Director Yu Zongyou, Scienceand Technology Bureau Director Sun Bo and Chengqiao Sub-district Party WorkingCommittee Secretary Shao Hui attended the meeting.

Secretary LiWanping and Acting District Mayor Zhou Yong extended a warm welcome to Mr. LucZELLER and his entourage of Veolia Group. Acting District Mayor Zhou Yong especiallysaid that this is the first foreign company friend he has received since takingoffice. Deputy District Mayor Li Bei introduced to Veolia guests the economicand social development of Liuhe District in recent years and the outstandingachievements in fighting the epidemic this year and attracting investment.

Mr. Luc ZELLERand Mr. Gu Xiaoping expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the party andgovernment leaders of Liuhe District for their hospitality, and congratulatedand admired the remarkable achievements of Liuhe District in fighting theepidemic this year and attracting investment. They respectively introducedVeolia Environmental Group’s strategic merger decision and integration progressof "Jiangsu DDBS Environmental Remediation Co., Ltd." registered in LiuheDistrict, Nanjing, and expressed that they will give full support of the LiuheDistrict Committee and government. Veolia Environmental Group's comprehensiveadvantages such as brand, technology, capital and international resource conditionshave built Veolia Group's newly registered Sino-foreign joint venture inNanjing Liuhe-DDBS Environmental Remediation Co., Ltd. into the soil of Chinaand the world , Groundwater Remediation Engineering Technology Center, tosupport and participate in the development of China's soil and groundwaterpollution remediation and treatment business, and promote its integration withinternational standards. Actively strive to make new contributions to theeconomic and social development and ecological civilization construction ofLiuhe, Nanjing and Jiangsu.

Finally, themain leaders of the Chengqiao Sub-district Office, the Science and TechnologyBureau and the district government stated that after DDBS became a membercompany of Veolia Environmental Group’s holdings, it would start a new journeyof "second entrepreneurship", and they will provide territorialpolicy support and thoughtful services to support Veolia's new and greaterdevelopment.

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