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Insist on innovation-driven and promote high-quality development ——DDBS won the Outstanding Contribution Award for the Construction of a Famous Innovative City in Nanjing

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By the side ofZhongshan mountain, and on the banks of the Yangtze River, a group of talentsgather in Hexi, Nanjing. On January 4, the first working day of New Year 2021,the Nanjing Innovative City Construction Promotion Conference was grandly held.Leaders such as Member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial,Party Committee and Secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Mr. ZhangJinghua,  Vice Governor of JiangsuProvince Mr. Ma Qiulin, and Ms. Mayor of Nanjing Han Liming attended themeeting.

As one of theaward-winning guests, Gu Xiaoping, general manager of DDBS, participated in theconference with more than 30 universities and leading companies such as NanjingUniversity, Dongnan University, NARI Group, ZTE Corporation, and accepted the"Nanjing 2020 Outstanding Contribution Award for Innovative CityConstruction" Honorary title.

Since theimplementation of the “121” strategy for innovation-driven development at theend of 2017, the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee’s No. 1 Document has focusedon “innovative cities” for four consecutive years. The in-depth advancement ofinnovative cities and the growth and growth of innovation momentum have becomethe core support for Nanjing’s strong vitality and strong resilience.

As a soil andgroundwater remediation company, DDBS not only participated in 6 national keyresearch and development programs (soil special projects) including the"Integration and Engineering Demonstration of Site Pollution Preventionand Control Technology in the Chemical Park of the Yangtze River EconomicBelt", but also undertook the "Smoldering Technology Treatment"."Cooperative R&D and Engineering Demonstration of Domestic Equipmentfor Oil Sludge" is an international cooperative R&D project in JiangsuProvince. In 2020, we will complete the merger and acquisition with Veolia witha broad international perspective, and become a member of Veolia EnvironmentalGroup, a Fortune 500 company, and move towards to the new heights of technology,equipment, capital, talents, and corporate governance.

By entering the 14th Five-Year Plan, thecompany will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of brand, capital,and technology after the joint venture to create a new highland of soil remediationand promote domestic soil and groundwater pollution control to be in line withinternational standards. DDBS Company will use this "InnovationConference" as an opportunity: on the one hand, it will accelerate theintroduction of internationally advanced soil and groundwater remediationtechnologies, and on the other hand, it will increase cooperation with morethan 30 universities, scientific research institutes and remediation companies.Participate in 3 national key research and development plans (local specialprojects) key projects in 2020, and achieve fruitful results in the promotionand application of new technologies at the provincial and municipal levels, aswell as innovation and innovation talents. Technology research and developmentresources, to build research and development bases and experimental centerswith international advanced levels.

Innovation leads the future, andinnovation strength has become the primary factor for the future development ofan enterprise. In the context of innovation, DDBS will put scientific andtechnological innovation in the first place, cherish honor, live up to itsmission, and draw a strong and colorful stroke in the grand chapter of theconstruction of an innovative city!

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