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Mr. Luc Zeller of Veolia Group and his colleagues were invited to attend the 35th National Lotus Exhibition

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Theopening ceremony of the "35th National Lotus Exhibition" and"2021 Nanjing Liuhe Cypress Lake Cultural Tourism Festival" was heldon July 10 in Liuhe District, Nanjing. Mr. Luc Zeller, senior executivedirector of Asia Zone of Veolia Group and Miss Xie Jing, vice president ofVeolia China, and Gu Xiaoping, general manager of DDBS were invited to attend.

Jiangsu Provincial TV Station andNanjing Liuhe District TV Station gave a special interview to Mr. Zuo Luck atthe opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony and welcomingdinner, Nanjing Liuhe District Mayor Zhou Yong, District Committee StandingCommittee Member and Publicity Minister Li Bei and other district committee anddistrict government leaders gave Mr. Luc Zeller, MissXie Jing, and Mr. Gu Xiaoping on behalf of Veolia and DDBS attending theopening ceremony expressed a warm welcome and extended cordial greetings. Thisis also the second reunion after the cordial meeting between the leaders of theLiuhe District Committee and the district government and the leaders of Veoliaand DDBS in September last year.

After the banquet, Mr. Luc Zeller, Miss.Xie Jing, and Mr. Gu Xiaoping participated in the grand lotus festival galaaccompanied by the host. Through watching the wonderful program, they stronglyfelt the festive atmosphere of "Prosperity and Beauty, Celebration of LiuHe ". On behalf of Veolia and DDBS, Mr. Luc Zeller and Mr. Gu Xiaopingexpressed their sincere gratitude to the main leaders of the Liuhe DistrictCommittee and the district government for their kind invitation and reception,and warmly congratulated the successful holding of the National LotusExhibition and Cultural Tourism Festival. They expressed that they would usethis event as an opportunity and use "Lotus" as the medium to furtherdevelop Veolia’s strategic partnership with Nanjing and Liuhe District. ThroughVeolia Group’s environmental expertise, it will contribute to the ecologicaldevelopment of Nanjing and Liuhe District.

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