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Luc Zeller, senior executive director of Veolia Asia, and his party paid a visit to the Yangtze River Delta Regional Headquarters of China Communication Construction Company (CCCC)

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On July 12, LucZeller, Senior Executive Director of Veolia Asia, Xie Jing, Vice President ofVeolia China, Shi Jianguo, Vice Chairman of DDBS, Gu Xiaoping, General Managerand others paid a visit to the Yangtze River Delta Regional Headquarters ofCCCC in Nanjing, and met with Zhu Shouxiang, Deputy General Manager of the Headquarters,Li Yong, Deputy General Manager of Industrial Development Department, FeiJinsong, Executive General Manager of Anhui region, and others held exchangetalks on establishing and promoting bilateral strategic cooperation.

Gu Xiaoping, GeneralManager of DDBS and Shi Jianguo, Vice Chairman of DDBS, first introduced thedevelopment process of DDBS's soil and groundwater remediation business and thedevelopment direction, strategic path and vision objectives after becoming ajoint venture controlled by Veolia Group. They also put forward hopes andsuggestions for establishing and developing comprehensive strategic cooperationwith the Yangtze River Delta Regional Headquarters of CCCC.

Luc Zeller, SeniorExecutive Director of Veolia Asia, introduced the development history andbusiness status of Veolia Environment Group, especially Veolia's businessdevelopment and distribution of key projects in environmental fields such aswater treatment, solid waste and hazardous waste disposal and energy servicesin China. Luc Zeller pointed out that Veolia Group decided to complete thestrategic acquisition of DDBS in 2020 based on the professional advantages andindustrial influence of it in the field of soil and groundwater remediation inChina. Veolia Group will provide all-round support for DDBS in terms of brand,capital, technology, international cooperation and other resource advantages,And actively support Veolia China and DDBS to establish and develop strategiccooperative relations with the Yangtze River Delta Regional Headquarters ofCCCC Group, realize the common development of both sides, and make newcontributions to the high-quality development of China's environmental serviceand ecological civilization construction.

Zhu Shouxiang, DeputyGeneral Manager of CCCC Yangtze River Delta Regional Headquarters,comprehensively introduced the development history of CCCC Group, especiallythe rapid development of its business at home and abroad in recent years. Itranked 78th among the world's Top 500 enterprises in 2020. The Yangtze RiverDelta Regional Headquarters of CCCC, as the dispatched office of the group, isresponsible for coordinating the business development and strategic cooperationpromotion of Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and other provincesand cities. Deputy General Manager Zhu Shouxiang spoke highly of and affirmedthe establishment of comprehensive strategic cooperation in the field ofecological environment with Veolia Group and DDBS company, and fully agreedwith the cooperation suggestions put forward by DDBS. Deputy General ManagerZhu Shouxiang also formally invited DDBS to join the industrial allianceplatform of CCCC and made specific arrangements for the drafting of thestrategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will complete the signing of thestrategic cooperation agreement in the near future.

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