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Vice Mayor Zhao Xingyou met with Mr. Luc Zeller of Veolia and Gu Xiaoping, General Manager of DDBS

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On the morningof October 19, Zhao Xingyou, Vice Mayor of Xuzhou and member of the Party groupof Xuzhou municipal government, met with Mr. Luc Zeller, Senior Executive Directorof Veolia Group Asia and Mr. Gu Xiaoping, General Manager of DDBS EnvironmentalRemediation Co., Ltd. in the conference room of Xuzhou municipal government.Ms. Xie Jing, Vice President of Veolia China, Director Wang Min and Deputy DirectorWang Bin of Xuzhou Ecological Environment Bureau, and relevant principals ofXuzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and Housing and Urban Rural DevelopmentBureau attended the talks.

Mr. Luc Zellerfirst thanked Xuzhou municipal government for its warm reception, expressed hisadmiration for Xuzhou's profound industrial heritage and major agriculturaldevelopment achievements, and introduced to Vice Mayor Zhao Xingyou and headsof relevant departments the development status of French Veolia Group in theworld and China as a world-class environmental service enterprise, especiallywater, solid waste Energy services and other environmental businesses areaccompanied by the domestic development process of China's reform and openingup. In particular, he mentioned that in order to participate in China'semerging soil and groundwater remediation and promote its integration with theinternational community, Veolia Environment Group strategically acquiredJiangsu DDBS Environmental Remediation Co., Ltd. to jointly build a new landand platform for soil and groundwater remediation in China and the world inJiangsu. At the same time, Veolia actively supports DDBS to providehigh-quality professional services for the remediation and treatment of soiland groundwater in Xuzhou, Huaihai economic circle and the whole country, andfully provides international advanced technology, equipment and various supportand help in environmental business fields such as solid waste, water treatment andenergy services.

Vice Mayor ZhaoXingyou welcomed the visit of Mr. Luc Zeller and his delegation, and expressedadmiration for Veolia's environmental service concept and its achievements inthe world; while introducing to the guests the great achievements made byXuzhou in the construction of ecological civilization in recent years, ViceMayor Zhao also exchanged and communicated with Veolia guests on some urgentproblems such as technical problems existing in regional heating, solid wastedisposal, soil remediation and water environment treatment in Xuzhou, a typicalresource-based city. He also proposed to take Xuzhou environmental protectiongroup under preparation as an opportunity and take Xuzhou, the central city ofHuaihai economic circle, as the starting point to establish and strengthendiversified cooperation between the two sides, create typical cases ofexemplary ecological engineering, radiate and affect other urban and ruralareas of Huaihai economic circle, and expand new development space.

Wang Min, Directorof Xuzhou Ecological Environment Bureau, and Wang Bin, Deputy Director ofXuzhou Environmental Protection Group preparatory group, respectivelyintroduced and exchanged information on the current situation of Xuzhou'secological environment governance, the main tasks, business segments and futurecooperation fields of Xuzhou Environmental Protection Group, and hope tofurther carry out business and cooperation docking exchanges with Veolia Groupand DDBS, and actively participate in the long-term development ofenvironmental services in Xuzhou through in-depth cooperation.

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