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Wu Xiaodong, Vice Mayor of Suzhou municipal government met with Luc Zeller, Senior Executive Director of Veolia Environment Group Asia and Gu Xiaoping, General Manager of DDBS

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On the morning of September 23, Wu Xiaodong, Vice Mayor of Suzhoumunicipal government met with Mr. Luc Zeller, Senior Executive Director ofVeolia Group Asia and Gu Xiaoping, General Manager of DDBS Environmental RemediationCo., Ltd. in the reception hall of Suzhou municipal government. Ms. Xie Jing, VicePresident of Veolia China, Sun Liqing, Deputy Director of Suzhou EcologicalEnvironment Bureau, Lu Jijun, Deputy Director of Suzhou Urban ManagementBureau, and Xu Lei, Deputy General Manager of Suzhou Urban Investment Companyattended the meeting.

Wu Xiaodong, Vice Mayor, extended a warm welcome to Mr. Luc Zeller ofVeolia group and his delegation, and introduced the development achievements ofSuzhou in recent years.

Mr. Luc ZELLER then expressed his admiration for the great achievementsmade in Suzhou's reform and opening up and the great achievements of fightingagainst COVID-19. He also introduced to the vice mayor and the responsible representativesof relevant departments the development of the French Veolia Group as aworld-class environmental service enterprise in the global and China. Itsenvironmental services such as water, solid waste, soil remediation and energyservices cover five continents. Especially with the process of China's reformand opening up, Veolia has actively participated in the improvement anddevelopment of China's environmental services. At present, it has formed threebusiness segments in China: solid waste, water and energy services. In order toparticipate in the emerging cause of soil and groundwater remediation in Chinaand promote its integration with the international community, Veolia EnvironmentGroup has decided to strategically acquire DDBS to build a new highland andplatform for soil and groundwater remediation in China and the world in Jiangsu.We will actively contribute to Suzhou, the economically developed areas of theYangtze River Delta and the country groundwater remediation and treatment, andprovide support and assistance for environmental service businesses such assolid waste, water affairs and energy services.

Finally, Vice Mayor Wu Xiaodong affirmed Veolia Group's environmentalservice concept and technical advantages,  and arranged the municipal ecologicalenvironment, urban management, urban investment and other departments to makefurther docking exchanges with Veolia Group and DDBS, and hoped that Veoliawould bring its advanced ideas, technologies, equipment and operationexperience into the field of environmental governance in Suzhou and activelyparticipate in the development of environmental services in Suzhou.

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